How Climate Change Shapes Vacation Choices

For the vast majority of travelers, summer vacations have long revolved around seeking out sunny destinations, basking in the warmth, and lounging on sandy beaches. However, with the relentless rise in temperatures brought on by climate change, a new trend is emerging: the rise of “coolcations” in temperate destinations.

What exactly is this trend?

Coolcations refer to vacations taken in cooler, temperate climates rather than traditional hotspots. These destinations not only offer relief from scorching temperatures but also tend to be less crowded, providing a more tranquil and serene travel experience.

Why does it matter in 2024? The impacts of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, with record-breaking temperatures becoming more frequent. In the UK, for instance, summer temperatures soared to over 40℃ in July 2022, marking the hottest recorded summer. Similarly, 2023 witnessed sweltering summers across Mediterranean Europe, North America, and China, making travelers rethink their vacation plans. According to a survey conducted by luxe travel network Virtuoso, 82 percent of its clients are now considering destinations with more moderate weather in 2024. Popular coolcation spots include Iceland, Finland, Scotland, and Latvia, which are experiencing a surge in popularity.


Cooler temperatures also appeal to families, offering a reprieve from the sweltering heat experienced in traditional beach resorts. Activities such as kayaking in Norway under the midnight sun or cycling and hiking in Slovenia, known for its excellent value, are gaining popularity among families seeking adventure and relaxation in cooler climates.

 As temperatures continue to rise, the trend towards coolcations is likely to gain even more traction in 2024 and beyond. Travelers are increasingly prioritizing comfort, sustainability, and unique experiences, making cooler destinations an attractive option for their summer getaways. So, it might be time to swap out the SPF50 for a light jacket and embrace the coolcation trend.


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