Travel Tribes Trends in 2023

Travel Tribes

As we look ahead to the future of travel and try to anticipate customer needs, we also need to understand how travellers are navigating the same landscape.

With the constant evolution in hospitality offers, we look to the customer for insights and patterns in their behaviours and needs to shed light on what travel will look like this year and beyond.


Millennials and Gen Z travelers are a driving force in shaping the future of travel and have been for a while, but there are now the emergence of distinct Traveler Tribes. While these generations appear to prioritize experiences, have a strong desire for exploration and personal growth, they are also making other demands that has implications on the  travel industry that we need to consider.


Millennials and Gen Z

With a deep appreciation for authenticity and cultural immersion, they seek travel experiences that go beyond traditional tourist attractions. We know that for these travel tribes travel is about more than just checking off destinations on a bucket list or their Instagram (incredibly). They are looking for experiences and connectivity. Hardly surprising, but they are looking for something beyond the superficial and that has a depth they can resonate with. It’s about connecting with local communities, supporting sustainable initiatives, and making a positive impact on the places they visit. They value unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences that allow them to create lasting memories and share their adventures – which is done through social media platforms.

What you can do

To capture the attention of Millennials and Gen Z travelers, the travel industry must embrace technology and provide seamless digital experiences. Online booking platforms, personalized recommendations, and interactive travel guides are essential to cater to their tech-savvy preferences. Additionally, offering socially conscious and sustainable travel options, such as eco-friendly accommodations and responsible tour operators, will resonate with these more socially conscious generations.

Yoga and wellbeing

Wellbeing Seekers

We hear a lot about being “mindful” these days, but in this hectic world, especially post-pandemic, it is now not just a buzzword but lifestyle. As the world becomes more interconnected and fast-paced, there is a growing demand for travel experiences that prioritize wellbeing and self-care. 

Wellbeing seekers are individuals who prioritize their physical, mental, and emotional health during their travels. They seek destinations and accommodations that offer opportunities for relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal wellness. They are not thrill-seekers, they are chill-seekers.

Drawn to destinations with natural beauty, serene environments, and access to activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, their choice of travel includes retreats and spas. These travelers prioritize experiences that nourish the mind, body, and soul. They seek opportunities to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life, engage in mindfulness practices, and indulge in wellness treatments.

What you can do

In response to the needs of wellbeing seekers, the travel industry is witnessing a rise in wellness-focused accommodations, wellness and yoga retreats, and immersive experiences centered around activities like meditation, yoga, and outdoor adventures. Offering healthy dining and vegan options, fitness facilities, and dedicated spaces for relaxation and self-reflection are key considerations in attracting and satisfying this segment of travelers.


Travel Tech-fluencers


We have plenty of Digital Nomads at our doors, and now the young and entrepreuneurial includes Travel Tech-fluencers. The young business travelers of today are on modest incomes but believe their earning potential will increase as they traverse the globe in pursuit of opportunities. These tech-savvy travelers embrace technology to enhance their travel experiences, from seamless booking processes to on-demand services. 

What you can do

To capture the attention of Travel Tech-fluencers, the travel industry should focus on providing innovative and digitally integrated solutions that cater to their preferences and enable them to stay connected on their journeys. Must have good wifi….

Try it and see – the Experientialists

The Experientialists embody an open approach to life. With mid- to high-income levels and few commitments, they are in an ideal position to explore the world. These adventurous travelers seek immersive experiences, from cultural encounters to thrilling adventures. They value authenticity and are eager to delve into the local culture and traditions of the destinations they visit. They are more likely to splash out on unusual tours and activities and book multiple activities. 

What you can do


For the travel industry, catering to the diverse preferences and providing unique and off-the-beaten-path experiences will be crucial in capturing the attention of these Experientialists. Providing adventure tours, local tours, and having a unique selling point for your accommodation is a big advantage with these travellers. They are looking for the differentiators and to have done or achieved something unusual on their travels. 

Pioneering Pathfinders

Pioneering Pathfinders lead progressive, fast-paced lives and are always seeking their next big adventure. With above-average incomes, they have the means to explore unconventional destinations and embark on unique experiences. These travelers are early adopters of emerging trends and are attracted to destinations that offer distinctive and unconventional offerings. 

What you can do

The travel industry can cater to Pioneering Pathfinders by highlighting lesser-known destinations, creating niche experiences, and embracing sustainable practices to align with their progressive values.

Memory Makers

These travellers prioritize meaningful connections and on-trip experiences. While they value sustainability, they may have limited time to actively engage in sustainable practices. These travelers are comfortable with themselves and seek opportunities to create lasting memories with loved ones.


What you can do

The travel industry can appeal to Memory Makers by offering curated experiences that foster social interactions, promote personal growth, and facilitate authentic connections with local communities.


Understanding the Traveler Tribes of 2023 provides valuable insights into the future of travel. Each tribe represents a distinct set of characteristics, preferences, and aspirations that will shape the industry. To meet the evolving needs and expectations of these tribes, the travel industry must adapt and innovate, offering personalized experiences, embracing technology, fostering sustainability, and creating opportunities for exploration and connection.

By staying tuned the industry can pave the way for a vibrant and inclusive future of travel. Millennials, Gen Z, and wellbeing seekers are significant contributors to this evolving landscape and their preferences and values are driving industry trends towards experiential, authentic, and wellness-focused travel. 

To cater to these segments, the travel industry must adapt by embracing technology, fostering sustainability, promoting authentic cultural experiences, and providing opportunities for wellbeing and self-care.


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